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2018 EBA Fall Academy Clinics


Welcome to the 2018 EBA Fall Academy Registration

This Fall, Eagan Baseball Players will have a great new opportunity to put in some off-season work and get some extra coaching.

Please note that players should sign up for the age they played for the 2018 season.

The EBA is offering two four-week programs: Session 1 for 2018 8U to 10U players and Session 2 for 2018 11U and 12U players. Coached by CBO Toby and Team.

The EBA is offering an eight-week program: Session 3 for 2018 13U players. Coached by Adam Huseman and Team.

 The emphasis for the Fall Academy will be:

  • Throwing mechanics: Throwing mechanics are essential to becoming an effective baseball player and starting to learn at an early age will not only help each athlete become a better baseball player but will have a huge role in maintaining a healthy and strong arm for years to come. Learning to throw the proper way to keep a healthy arm will be a main objective.
  • Fielding and Hitting fundamentals
  • Fun through game-like situations and competition


Session 1:

2018 8-10 U Players


4 Fridays: 9/14/18-10/5/18 


5:30-7:00 PM


Site: Lex Diff


Coached by CBO Toby and Team


Cost: $60



Session 2:

2018 11-12 U Players


4 Fridays: 10/12/18-11/9/18 (No Session over MEA)


Site: Little Goat or Lex Diff


5:15-6:45 PM


Coached by CBO Toby and Team


Cost: $60



Session 3: 

2018 13 U Players 


8 Sundays 9/16/18-11/4/18


Site: Big Goat or Big Rahn


Times TBD


Coached by Adam Huseman & Team


Cost: $100



This will be an Academy for all skill levels and for all players who have the passion for the game and want to continue to develop their baseball talent by “Paying The Rent”.

To begin registration:  Click on the CONTINUE button below or log in at the bottom of the page (scroll down).

Questions can be directed to:

Brigitte King

Payments options are online only

  • Credit Card:  Visa, Discover or Mastercard
  • Check Card:  from your checking account
  • Check payments will NOT be accepted.